Monday, March 15, 2010

the five year anniversary podcast

A lot can happen in five years.

A lot more can happen in five years of podcasting.

We're live on tape from the Angelika Film Center in New York City, where it all began for us just a little over five years ago!

To celebrate, we've got an amazing new show for you celebrating everything that's kept us on the podwaves so long. That, plus we've got an exclusive phone interview with Rachel's mom, drilling her about District 9.

Now that we've got your attention, don't forget if you haven't yet, please subscribe to the podcast FOR FREE on iTunes here.

This is just one of over 75 BEWARE OF THE BABYLON episodes you'll find, completely free and completely guiltily pleasurable.

Got ants in your pants? Listen to the show right here, right now, from this cat...

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